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Bugs and picnics

While bugs and picnics usually go together, the “bug” I’m talking about is the  volunteer “bug”.  We could use your help with our picnic.

If you are coming to the Compassion for Kids picnic on July 24th, you might want to consider coming  early to help set up or staying later for clean up.  If either of those options don’t work for you, we also need help with some of the activities planned for the picnic.  Any help is always appreciated.

Call or email Laura at,  (630) 235-0903 for more information or to volunteer.

Go here to get more information about the picnic.

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  1. Melody Mittelstadt says:

    We plan on being at the picnic. Not sure what we
    will be bringing. This is our last week of camps so
    will have more time to plan something at the end of the week for potluck dish. Love, love the website!!! Looking forward to this weekend.

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