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New Book on Adoptive Parenting

ZIMMERMAN, MN, 2013 — Adoptive Parent Intentional Parent: A Formula  for Building & Maintaining Your Child’s Safety Net by Stacy Manning is an invaluable resource for all adoptive families. The author’s breakthrough concept of intentionally creating a safety net to help adopted children heal combines the value of knowing yourself, the power of knowledge, specific tools and techniques that work in everyday life, and the keys to maintaining the net over time. This book is unique in that it arms parents with hands-on, everyday tools to use, along with the knowledge needed to help build a safety net. “Every child who has been adopted has suffered a breech in attachment; no adopted child is exempt,” states author, Stacy Manning.  Manning offers tools, knowledge, support, and hope to all adoptive families.

Author Stacy Manning is a mom of six teenagers, three biological and three adopted, and is a post-adoption family coach and educator.  She has worked with hundreds of families with adopted children, including those struggling with difficult behaviors due to trauma, RAD, FAS, and grief. Stacy specializes in empowering parents to be the healing force their child needs with education, support, and tools to use in everyday life. Stacy works one-on-one with families across the United States, coaching them via phone, Skype, or in person, teaches
workshops/webinars, and offers training to families in the process of adoption.  Stacy believes that adoptive parents are their child’s best chance at healing and her goal is to teach them how to be intentional parents who are armed with the specific knowledge and tools they need to best help their child.

For more information about Adoptive Parent Intentional Parent: A Formula for Building & Maintaining Your Child’s Safety Net, please visit or contact Hope Connections at  (763) 633-1477

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