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2015 AdoptShops with Jane Brown

2015 AdoptShops with Jane Brown LaQuinta Inn and Suites, Bannockburn, IL
Date: 24 Apr 2015 7:00 PM EDT

The Jane Brown AdoptShops weekend is designed for all types of adoptive families. Jane Brown created AdoptShops to give children and young teens the opportunity to explore their ideas and feelings about adoption and to interact with their peers. AdoptShops are relevant to all adopted children and young teens whether they were adopted domestically, transracially, transculturally, or by extended family members. After each session, Jane debriefs parents or guardians to advise them of concepts that were discussed during AdoptShops. During this time, child care is provided for the children in a different room.

More information and online registration: 2015 AdoptShops with Jane Brown

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