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Books about TBRI ®

Teaching TBRI Concepts Through Books

If you have attended a TBRI ® — or Trust-Based Relational Intervention — training, you are familiar with these phrases: re-do, asking or telling, accepting no, and compromise or negotiate. 
Social worker Cindy R. Lee has written several children’s books using these important concepts or life scripts as the main storyline.  As a therapist who works with kids who come from hard places, I find these books extremely helpful in communicating some of these important messages to young children.  You can order the books on Amazon.  Here are some of the titles:

“The Redo Roo”
“Baby Owl Lost Her Whoo”
“The Penguin and the Fine Looking Fish”
“Doggie Doesn’t Know ‘No’!”
“It’s Tough to be Gentle; A Dragon’s Tale”

Each of the books provides a two-page explanation of the TBRI ® concept, technique or strategy that the story is about.  They also provide teaching tips for parents and colorful illustrations for the kids!
Pam Shepard | LCSW, Supervisor of Clinical Services, Holt-Sunnyridge.

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