Ministry for Adoption, Foster Care, and Safe Families

Help A Child Locally

There are many opportunities to serve children in need in the local community.  Here are some ideas:

  • Lead a small group for foster children, or volunteer to minister to foster children in group homes
  • Assist group foster homes with helping children attend church services, social events, or outings such as museums or movies
  • Mentor a teen in foster care – this is especially important for those placed in group homes
  • Become a CASA advocate (volunteer advocate for a child who ensures the child’s best interests are represented)
  • Have your small group dedicate volunteer time to the group home for whatever they need done (painting, planting, cleaning, errands, etc)
  • Lead a donation drive for clothes, toys, school needs, etc, for children in foster care
  • Check out our links page to see and help local organizations who help children in the system
  • Provide respite care